Australian New Wave filmmakers at Long Play, Melbourne, Nov 2018.

Curated and presented by Bill Mousoulis.
A co-operative venture by Bill Mousoulis and the filmmakers.
Venue hired by the filmmakers.
No funding or advertising. Free entry.
Venue address: 318 St. Georges Rd, Nth. Fitzroy.
Each film screened at 7:30 pm.

Sunday, Nov 11, 7:30 pm: Matthew Victor Pastor
Wednesday, Nov 14, 7:30 pm: Georgia Temple
Thursday, Nov 15, 7:30 pm: Bryce Reimann
Monday, Nov 19, 7:30 pm: Allison Chhorn

All the filmmakers are in their 20s,
and their work was done without any funding.

Sunday, November 11, 7:30 pm:
Facebook Event page and also Facebook photo album of completed event and also YouTube video of Q&A

MELODRAMA / RANDOM / MELBOURNE! by Matthew Victor Pastor

(Australia/Philippines, 2018, 81 mins)

Produced by Matthew Victor Pastor and Odin B. Fernandez
Written by Matthew Victor Pastor and Celina Yuen
Soundtrack by Fergus Cronkite
Featuring Celina Yuen and Bridget O’Brien

Intro and Q&A with director. MELBOURNE PREMIERE.

Presented in Glorious Cinema-O-ke! A neon-lit pop-punk extravaganza!

A Filipino Feminist documentarian, a pickup artist, and a virgin's lives collide.

Aries Santos is a documentarian who is struggling to complete her new film. Her subjects are the male members of 'TMD', a company formed to teach men how to seduce women. Meanwhile, a sex worker named Melody journeys into the night.

The line between reality and fiction blurs, and blood is shed on the neon-lit streets of Melbourne.

Top five films: best of the big screen
by Jake Wilson, The Age, Nov 9, 2018.

Matthew Pastor: Australia’s most prolific filmmaker
by Don Groves, IF Magazine, Oct 15, 2018.

Meldorama/Random/Melbourne! review
by Adrian Martin, Film Critic website, Oct 12, 2018.

Matthew Victor Pastor is an Australian filmmaker of Filipino heritage, and an alumnus of the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts.

His Masters' film I am JUPITER I am the BIGGEST PLANET won Best Director at VCA, and completed a successful festival run.

At the 2018 Sinag Maynila Film Festival (Philippines) MELODRAMA / RANDOM / MELBOURNE! was awarded Best Original Score for Fergus Cronkite.

It has its Australian Premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival in October 2018.

He is also soon to release two new feature films: Repent or Perish! and MAGANDA.

Wednesday, November 14, 7:30 pm:
Facebook Event page and also Facebook photo album of completed event and also YouTube video of Q&A

Grace, Who Waits Alone by Georgia Temple

(Australia, 2016, 77 mins)

Produced by Jackson Lapsley Scott
Written and Edited by Georgia Temple
Shot by Georgina Pickford
Sound by Robert Douglas
Featuring Georgia Temple

Intro by Anthony Frajman. Q&A with Bryce Reimann.

A confident observational piece of a young woman in emotional distress.

In an oppressive subtropical summer, Grace, a young romantic, waits for her absent lover to return.

Caught in the illusion of their shared love, Grace slowly disconnects from the world.

As she loses herself to the fantasy, the real world begins to eat into her.

Top Films of 2018
by David Heslin, Senses of Cinema World Poll, January, 2019.

Grace, who waits alone, minimalism, and sugar.
by Anthony Frajman, Pure Shit: Australian Cinema website, Nov 7, 2018.

Georgia Temple: Queensland Writer/Director
Screen Queensland website, Sep 15, 2017.

Grace, Who Waits Alone program note
Queensland Film Festival website, June 2017.

Georgia Temple is a graduate of Griffith Film School in Queensland.

Grace, Who Waits Alone is her debut feature, and it screened at the Queensland Film Festival in 2017.

She works with a committed group of people who all met at Griffith Uni, working on each other's films.

She worked on Bryce Reimman's debut feature Hard Yakka.

She is currently making her 2nd feature film.

Thursday, November 15, 7:30 pm:
Facebook Event page and also Facebook photo album of completed event and also YouTube video of Q&A
Also Vimeo video of the entrie Q&A

Hard Yakka by Bryce Reimann

(Australia, 2017, 100 mins)

Produced, Edited and Written by Bryce Reimann
Shot by Samuel Kitchen
Sound recorded by Georgia Temple and Robert Douglas
Assistant Directed by Angus Kirby
Featuring Bryce Reimann

Intro and Q&A with director. WORLD PREMIERE.

A modern portrait of Australian masculinity, magically finding mystery and redemption within its banal surfaces. 

A young man lives on the streets of forgotten rural Australia, barely scraping together enough money for food and cigarettes.

Paid sometimes with cash but usually with beer, he works under the hot sun for property owners.

Never hanging around for long, he usually steals from them too.

With memories of money, gunfire and trap music ringing in his ears, he seems to be heading somewhere.

Certain things never change. Relationships flounder, labour is to be completed and money is to be made.

A Bit o’ Hard Yakka
by Angus Kirby, Pure Shit: Australian Cinema website, June 10, 2018.

Gutter Poetry
by Bryce Reimann, Pure Shit: Australian Cinema website, June 20, 2018.

Bryce Reimann Bryce Reimann is a 23-year-old independent filmmaker from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Bryce graduated from Griffith Film School in 2014 where he focused on studying the craft of editing, but decided to follow his passion of directing when he wrote, produced, directed and edited his debut feature film Hard Yakka in 2016/2017.

Bryce funds his films himself, and works closely with a trusted group of friends from the film school.

He is currently writing and producing his next directorial effort, Foul Trumpets.

Monday, November 19, 7:30 pm:
Facebook Event page and also Facebook photo album of completed event and also YouTube video of Intro

The Plastic House by Allison Chhorn

(Australia, 2019, 45 mins, work in progress)
All technical work by Allison Chhorn
Featuring Allison Chhorn

Intro by Chris Luscri. Director in attendance (but no Q&A).

A beautiful meditation on the cycle of life, and a young woman’s solitude and anxiety.

A young woman constructs a solitary reality by imagining what life would be like after the passing of her parents.

Absorbed in the slow process of working alone in the family’s green house, she relives shadow memories of her Cambodian mother and father. The healing ritual of physical labour gradually reveals itself over time.

As the plastic roof bears the weight of natural elements, the increasingly precarious weather threatens this new life alone.

The Plastic House: Director's Statement
by Allison Chhorn, Pure Shit: Australian Cinema website, Nov 16, 2018.

Unslept & The Plastic House reviews
by Adrian Martin, Film Critic website, Nov 9, 2018.

Last Time review
by Adrian Martin, Film Critic website, Oct 12, 2018.

Screens with two shorts by Allison Chhorn:

Last Time
(Australia, 2018, 5 mins) Actors: Bianca Conry, Russell Lucas
A dress. A couple. He holds on to the past but does she see a future? Or will this be the last time?

(Australia, 2015, 15 mins)
Daytime insomnia. Waiting in solitude for potential company gradually unfolds with self-imposed restlessness. The more the agitations, the more the lines of anxiety leave their marks on the sheets and skin.

Allison Chhorn has an honours degree in Visual Arts at UniSA.

She produced & edited Mike Retter's 2017 vertical feature Youth On The March.

The amalgamation of her interests in painting, photography and sound have informed her DIY minimalist approach to filmmaking.

She has made a number of short films.

Last Time screened at the Adelaide Film Festival in October 2018.

The Plastic House is her longest film, at 45 minutes.

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