Long Play is a boutique bar in Nth. Fitzroy in Melbourne that has a small dedicated cinema at the back, which indie filmmakers book for low-key film events, the larger venues like ACMI completely out of their price range.

We will list some of those screenings on this page, to keep a record of them, and for a bit of publicity.

You can check Long Play's website for more details on the venue.

Venue address: 318 St. Georges Road, Fitzroy North.

(left) Audience at Long Play, March 11, 2018; (right) Filmmakers at Long Play, June 18, 2018.

Upcoming Screenings:

Stanley's Mouth

Monday, July 23, 2018, 7:00 pm, free entry.

STANLEY'S MOUTH by Mike Retter.
Retter's 9:16 feature from 2015, made in Adelaide.

RSVP essential, email bill@innersense.com.au

Melbourne Premiere screening.

Starring: Stanley Browning Patch Oliver

Directed by Mike Retter, Produced by Allison Chhorn

​A portrait of Stanley, who encounters new experiences unhindered by his Christianity. As his childhood memories yearn the nostalgic connection with his father, his relationship with another boy, Patch, becomes increasingly consuming.

Through the vertical frame of textured and experimental imagery, his emotional turmoil becomes wrapped up in visceral intensities and nostalgic melancholy.

"An extraordinary, haunting, poignant, bold and brave film. Stanley has a face to make the angels weep."
- Peter Goers, ABC Radio

Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 7:00 pm, free entry.

RSVP essential - email kimmilesfilms@hotmail.com

Short films by Kim Miles

"Punk films you won't see at M.I.F.F."

6 surreal/funny/freaky films from Kim Miles -->

Everyone else has had more sex than me (2004, 4 mins)
video for TISM song

The Colour is Blue (2004, 4 mins)
boy+girl+lost baby

Tiger and Dog, Episode 2 (2013, 6 mins)
crime boss and family, down and out in caravan park

Terra Australis (2004, 5 mins)
white Australia versus black

An afternoon of death, dying and lethal behaviour (2003, 10 mins)
costume party for cancer patient

[[SURPRISE NEW FILM]] (2018, 21 mins)
love triangle with dementia

Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Short films presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Includes Saidin Salkic's The Arrival of a Phoenix

Invite only.

Past Screenings:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 7:00 pm, free entry.

To guarantee yourself a seat, please register here.

Experimental Film Evening with Nedelkopoulos & Dutt

Left: Nicholas Nedelkopoulos
Right: Probir Geoffrey Dutt

An evening of abstract experimental films by Nicholas Nedelkopoulos
that have the music composed, performed and recorded by Probir Geoffrey Dutt.

Nedelkopoulos asked Dutt to choose the films, from just over 55 films that have Dutt’s music on, for this night's screening.

Drinks from 6:30pm

Screening Start 7pm

  1. Anxiety (2018) 11:18
  2. Nimbin Dreaming (2018) 9:14
  3. Forgotten Night  (2018) 6:45
  4. Browning's Collection (2018) 6:16
  5. Ski (2018) 6:05

INTERMISSION @ 7:40 for 15 minutes

Re-start 7:55pm

  1. With Guston In Mind (2015) 15:51
  2. Bluey (2018) 5:04
  3. The Church (2018) 4:26 
  4. Go! (2018) 4:08
  5. Expansion (2018) 2:47 

END 8:28pm

Post screening drinks & conversation …

Nimbin Dreaming
Forgotten Night
Browning's Collection
With Guston In Mind
The Church


Monday, June 18, 2018, 7:00 pm, free entry.

EXIT with Friends

films by Melbourne independent filmmakers

Presented by David King, with most of the filmmakers in attendance.

EXIT (27 min) by David King

To Master A Long Good Night

International award-winning experimental sci fi film - a spellbinding odyssey into the meaning of life, love, and the question of reality. Is anything real?

To Master A Long Good Night (9 min) by Kim Miles

Surreal short film. A man is teased, tantalised and abused by a succession of women while eating an entree in a restaurant. Former girlfriends, wives? Fantasy/Reality?

Orphanage (5 min) by Marie Craven

I Am Jupiter

Secret Matters (21 min) VCA award-winning documentary by Janos Zoltan

The Experimenting Angel (7 min) experimental film by Bill Mousoulis

I Am Jupiter (14.30 min) by Matthew Victor Pastor

Silence in the red light district of Manila. VCA award-winning short film.


Saturday, April 21, 2018, 6:30 p.m., free entry.

The Arrival of a Phoenix

World Premiere screening.

A film by Saidin Salkic, 40 mins.


Sunday, March 11, 2018.

by Bill Mousoulis

Mousoulis' feature from 2017, 118 mins, shot in Greece.

Melbourne indie filmmaker Bill Mousoulis’ foray into Greek radical music, its songs of resistance, pain, and sorrow, Songs of Revolution is a hybrid film, part documentary, part fiction, and veritably bursting at the seams. Greek musicians Antouan Parinis, Dimitris Poulikakos and Thanos Kois (amongst others) feature in the film, with actors Thodoris Arianoutsos and Marianthi Koliaki (amongst others) in fictional sequences. An eclectic film with different musical styles and different cinematic forms intermingling.