Mission statement
by Bill Mousoulis (April 2018)

Pure Shit: Australian Cinema is a website devoted to alternative Australian cinema.

It is named after Bert Deling’s incendiary 1975 feature Pure Shit, a great iconic film, symbolic of a free and inventive cinema.

This website is a voice and resource for Australian films that are unique, artistic, and perhaps even a little prickly – mainly independent and/or underground and/or experimental films, made outside the mainstream industry (with its institutionalised mechanisms and market philosophies).

This website is also not afraid to critique or criticise Australian film and Australian film culture, whether it be particular films or particular festivals, or distributors or cinemas or critics or magazines or funding bodies or state organisations.

Apart from promoting alternative Australian film works, this website also attempts to de-ghettoise Australian cinema, to pry it away from its solipsistic nationalism, and place it within the broader terrain of world cinema (and no, that doesn’t mean Hollywood – it means ALL of world cinema).

This website is, in its form, somewhere between a database and a journal.  It has information, lists, canons, but also articles, essays, interviews.

The website is put together by Bill Mousoulis, who is an indie filmmaker from Melbourne since 1982, who currently lives in Adelaide, and who has also made films in Greece from 2009-2017. He founded the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group in 1986, and then founded the websites Senses of Cinema in 1999 and Melbourne Independent Filmmakers in 2003.

The website welcomes Contributions.

Published April 10 2018. © Bill Mousoulis 2018