Open call for contributions

"Pure Shit: Australian Cinema" is a website devised and published by Bill Mousoulis. It is a DIY/community venture, with no funding, no sponsors, no advertising. In this way, it can remain true with its expressions. Writers do not get paid, the same for the publisher Bill Mousoulis (who meets the small publishing costs). It is a website of "love and anarchy", as the famous Lina Wertmüller film put it.

The website is open to all. Anyone is allowed to read it, and anyone is allowed to contribute to it. The website welcomes contributions, because it is alive and curious, and wants to express the many things it sees, or senses (all those hidden things, be they thoughts or films).

The call for contributions is not prescriptive. You don't need to have writing experience. You don't need to even be a writer (you can contribute a pictorial collage, or sound-scape, if you like).

But please note that the website is devoted to an alternative vision of Australian cinema. It champions independent, underground, experimental, neglected films and filmmakers, and is also a critical voice towards mainstream film structures.

Please read the website's Mission Statement and publisher Bill Mousoulis' Editorial, and if you then want to contribute to this website, please email Bill Mousoulis at